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Our offering includes a wide range of services, from creative design, branding, and visual communications to advanced digital strategies and web development. We understand that each client has unique needs and challenges, so we approach each project with the aim of providing solutions tailored to specific business goals and market circumstances.

We provide full-service support for Your Business

With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to innovation, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver results that drive our clients’ businesses forward. Our team is constantly evolving, staying ahead of industry trends and emerging technologies to ensure that our clients receive the most effective and cutting-edge solutions available.

At Valkira, we believe in forging lasting partnerships built on trust, integrity, and mutual success. By understanding our clients’ unique needs and challenges, we are able to tailor our services to deliver personalized solutions that achieve tangible results. From creative design to digital marketing, web development, and beyond, we are here to support our clients every step of the way on their journey to success.

We Are a Team of Professionals With Global Reach 

Our team of experts is dedicated to developing unique brand identities, effective digital campaigns, and optimized web solutions. We take pride in our ability to understand the specific needs of each client and provide personalized services that deliver measurable results.

By combining creativity, analytical approach, and deep market knowledge, we ensure that every project we undertake is executed to the highest quality standards. At Valkira, we strive for excellence in everything we do, creating lasting value for our clients and their brands.

Our Proven Qualities That Make Your Business Easier


Our extensive knowledge gained through years of practice enables us to handle diverse challenges effectively.


We prioritize delivering excellence in all aspects of our services to ensure the highest standards for our clients.

Expert Team of Professionals

Our skilled team brings a wealth of expertise and proficiency to every project, guaranteeing top-notch results.

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

We believe in offering transparent and competitive pricing that provides value for our clients’ investment

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Web Development

Visual Identity

Creating a unique visual identity that reflects the values and mission of your brand while ensuring market recognition. And it works!

Produkt Design

Crafting attractive and functional product and packaging designs that showcase your brand and attract customers on store shelves.

Promotional Materials

Creating creative and appealing promotional materials such as banners, posters, and advertisements for campaigns and events.


Developing a comprehensive branding strategy that includes logos, colors, typography, and all other elements defining your brand.

Visual Communications

Designing all visual communication elements, including brochures, flyers, posters, and digital materials conveying your brand message.

Corporate Materials

Designing professional corporate materials such as business cards, letterheads, presentations, and reports ensuring brand consistency.

Facebook Advertising

Creating and managing effective Facebook ads that reach your target audience and increase brand awareness and sales.

Google Advertising

Setting up and optimizing Google Ads campaigns to achieve maximum visibility in search results and increase website traffic.

Content Creation

Producing high-quality and relevant content for websites, blogs, and social media that engages the audience and strengthens brand authority.

SEO Optimization

Optimizing websites for search engines to improve organic visibility and ranking on search engines like Google.

Social Media Management

Managing and maintaining a presence on social media through content planning, creation, and publishing that engages followers.

Digital Marketing

Development and implementation of comprehensive digital marketing strategies including SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, and email marketing to achieve business goals.


Designing and developing custom websites optimized for all devices and providing an excellent user experience. Mostly using WordPress platform

E-Commerce Platforms

Creating functional and secure online stores enabling easy management of products, orders, and payments. Or setup and maintain Shopify store.

Web Applications

Developing complex web applications that meet specific business needs, with a focus on performance, security, and scalability.

Mobile Apps

Designing and developing mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms offering intuitive user experience and high functionality.

SaaS Solutions

Developing cloud-based software solutions that allow users to access and use applications via the internet without the need for local installation.

Website Maintenance

Regular updates, security checks, and technical support to ensure smooth operation of websites.


Trust has been placed in us by both small businesses and leading global brands.

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Our clients simply LOVE ♥️ working with us


From the very beginning, the Valkira team has demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and dedication in every aspect of the project. Their expertise in crafting visual solutions and attention to detail have resulted in outstanding outcomes. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable partner for marketing services.

Ana Milas
Serengeti Tech, marketing director

Honestly, I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with the services provided by Valkira. When we were looking for solutions for our visual identity, we never imagined experiencing such a level of professionalism and creativity. Valkira impressed us not only with their excellent design quality but also with the simplicity of communication they facilitated throughout the entire process. 

Marin Kukoč
Spartium Konzalting, director

I highly recommend Marina and the Valkira team for marketing in the medtech sector. Their contribution to establishing a local medtech association with a distinctive visual identity was invaluable. I look forward to continuing our collaboration and recommending Valkira to anyone seeking top-notch marketing services.

Jurica Toth

We started with narodni, and the collaboration naturally evolved from there, and Bravo! Bravo!. We’ve been working with Valkira for about 10 years on the visual development and implementation of our brand. Valkira has offered a whole range of excellent visual solutions used in various TV, internet, and outdoor campaigns.


Katijan Knok
bravo! radio, direktor

We are Loved ♥️ by our Trusted Clients

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