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How to Increase Sales with Google Advertising

Google Advertising represents the primary source for inbound, highly targeted interest, but it also constitutes a significant investment. Losing focus on accounts or facing limitations in scaling with multiple Google Ads accounts can lead to unfavorable ROI for your clients’ projects. This is where the experience of our qualified team of Google Ads experts comes into play. We are dedicated to providing outstanding display or PPC ad services, ensuring optimal results for you or your clients.

The Biggest Challenge is Achieving Satisfactory ROI

We have effectively managed significant Google Ads budgets for various projects of our clients, showcasing our extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the challenges your business faces in scaling. Therefore, our Google Ads services, led by our digital experts, are tailored to be flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of you or your clients and their projects. This allows you to focus on growing your business while we take care of fulfillment and delivering results that are ROI-friendly.

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we recognize the crucial importance of Google Ads for you or your clients and their associated projects. Our desire to maintain and increase ROI is what drives us forward. Our certified and experienced team of digital ad experts ensures that your clients and projects receive the best possible services tailored to their unique needs.

Our PPC services, managed by our team of digital experts, are similar to private label services for digital marketing agencies. Instead of mere resale, we have devised our online marketing services to seamlessly integrate with your agency’s processes and methods. This approach encourages better synergy and scalability for your agency and ensures the delivery of high-quality services aligned with branding your service.

Google Advertising Proposals  With Valkira

Our clients have experienced extraordinary business growth of 400% using our free Google Ads proposals. Often, agencies rely on generic proposals, failing to address the unique needs of each potential client. At Valkira Digital Agency, we ensure that each proposal is customized, based on thorough analysis and tailored strategy, enhancing your ability to efficiently close deals. Recognizing that each Google Ads account has its history, we approach them with the care they deserve.

For new campaigns, it is crucial to conduct extensive research on your client’s product/service and their niche before implementing a Google Ads campaign strategy. Our focus extends beyond just driving paid traffic to websites or landing pages; we also aim to boost organic traffic and conversions.

Our data analysis team excels in developing customized Google Ads proposals for our agency clients, saving you significant time that can be better utilized for other key business activities. With our data-driven and well-presented proposals, imagine the potential for increasing the number of potential clients you can successfully engage and convert.

Ads, Keywords, and Creative Design Services

Understanding that “attention is the highest form of currency” and that Click-Through Rate (CTR) is its quantified measure, is crucial for capturing the attention of the target audience through effective Google Ads campaigns. If a campaign fails to achieve the desired CTR, it means your client’s investment is not yielding positive results. Achieving a high CTR depends on the relevance factor – addressing the fears, needs, and concerns of your audience is crucial to attracting their attention and encouraging them to click on the ad.

To eliminate any guesswork, we develop campaigns based on solid data and testing. Our team of Google Ads digital experts ensures that the right mix of keywords, targeting, and placement is used, perfectly aligning with the ads and creative content. This strategic approach is designed to generate positive ROI and return on advertising spend (ROAS) for your or your clients’ Google Ads campaigns.