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Extra FM
For the radio station Extra FM, we created a visual identity focused on regional music. Our task was to design a recognizable visual identity and logo that would reflect the station's character and content, emphasizing its orientation towards music from the region.
Extra FM

We started by exploring various elements of the regional music scene, including genres, artists, and distinctive styles. Through analyzing trends and audience preferences, we shaped a concept of visual identity that was authentic and appealing to the regional audience.

The visual identity included creating a logo and selecting a color palette, typography, and visual elements that reflected the energy and diversity of the regional music scene. We designed the logo to clearly communicate the station’s identity, combining elements that were both modern and recognizable.

How did we do it?

In the process of creating the visual identity, the focus was on crafting an impressive and easily recognizable design that would highlight Extra FM as a relevant destination for fans of regional music. We carefully selected design elements to achieve harmony between a modern look and the authenticity of the region we represent.

Through collaboration with the Extra FM team and adapting the design to their preferences and feedback, we succeeded in creating a visual identity that simultaneously reflects the station’s character and attracts the target audience with its aesthetic and content values.


from 2018


Visual Identity


Extra FM

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