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google advertising

Engage and captivate your target audience with Valkira Digital Agency's innovative solutions. Let's transform your digital presence and connect you with your ideal customers!

How To Drive Qualified Sales And Leads?

Google Ads stand as a prime source for inbound, highly targeted intent, yet they represent a significant investment. Losing focus on accounts or facing constraints in scaling with more Google Ads accounts can lead to unfavorable ROI for your client’s projects. Here’s where the experience of our qualified team of experts in Google Ads services becomes vital. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding display or PPC ad services, ensuring optimal results for your clients.

Achieving a Powerful ROI Can Be Challenging!

We have effectively managed a significant amount of Google Ads budget for our clients’ various projects, showcasing our extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the challenges faced by your agency in scaling. Therefore, our Google Ads services, led by our digital experts, are tailored to be flexible and adaptive to the specific needs of your clients and their projects. This allows you to concentrate on growing your agency business, while we take care of the fulfillment and deliver results that are friendly to ROI.As a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency, we recognize the crucial importance of Google Ads for your clients and their projects. Our drive to maintain and increase ROI is what propels us forward. Our certified and experienced team of digital ads experts ensures that your clients and projects receive the best possible services, customized to their unique needs.Our PPC services, handled by our team of digital experts, are akin to Private Label Services for digital marketing agencies. Rather than mere reselling, we have crafted our online marketing services to integrate smoothly with your agency’s processes and methods. This approach fosters better synergy and scalability for your agency and ensures the provision of high-quality services that align with your agency branding, delivering value to your clients.

Google Ads Services by Our Digital Experts: What's Included?

Our Google Ads Services, Managed by Our Digital Experts, Offer a Broad Spectrum of Capabilities, Specializing in:

✅ Google Search Ads
✅ Google Display Ads
✅ YouTube Ads
✅ Google Search Remarketing Ads
✅ Google Display Remarketing Ads
✅ Google Lead Ads
✅ Google Shopping Ads

Custom Landing Page Designs for Google Ads

The Quality Score in Google Ads significantly depends on the quality of the landing page, a factor often overlooked or challenging for many agencies to perfect, thus impacting the success of marketing campaigns. Our approach offers a harmonious balance. We boast a team of conversion-focused designers who meticulously craft landing pages tailored to specific niches, ensuring optimal information flow, conversion efficiency, and user experience. This strategy elevates the Quality Score, ultimately enhancing the ROI of your client’s Google Ads campaigns.Our capabilities extend to designing landing pages across various platforms, including WordPress, Clickfunnels, GoHighLevel, Unbounce, SquareSpace, Instapages, Shopify, and custom HTML. We engage in rigorous A/B testing to determine the most effective landing page design, relying on data-driven decisions. With our comprehensive web development services, your agency’s needs for any type of web design or development are thoroughly met.

Complimentary Detailed Proposals for Google Ads Services by Valkira

Our agency clients have experienced a remarkable 400% increase in business leveraging our Free Google Ads Proposals. Often, agencies resort to generic proposals, failing to address the unique needs of each prospect. At Valkira Digital Agency, we ensure that every proposal is custom-crafted with a thorough analysis and a tailored strategy, enhancing your ability to close deals effectively. Recognizing that each Google Ads account has its history, we approach them with the attention to detail they deserve.For new campaigns, it’s crucial to conduct extensive research on your client’s product/service and niche before deploying a Google Ads campaign strategy. Our focus extends beyond just driving paid traffic to websites or landing pages; we aim to also bolster organic traffic and conversions.Our Data Analysis team excels in developing tailored Google Ads proposals for our agency clients, saving you significant time that can be better spent on other critical business areas. With our data-driven, well-presented proposals, imagine the potential increase in prospects you can successfully engage and convert.

Ads, Keywords, and Creative Design Services

Understanding that “Attention is the highest form of currency” and Click-Through Rate (CTR) is its quantifiable measure, we focus on capturing your targeted audience’s attention through effective Google Ads campaigns. If a campaign fails to achieve the desired CTR, it indicates that your client’s investment isn’t yielding positive returns. Achieving a high click-through rate is contingent on the relevancy factor — addressing your audience’s fears, needs, and concerns are key to capturing their attention and prompting them to click on the ad.To remove any guesswork from the equation, we develop campaigns backed by solid data and testing. Our team of digital experts in Google Ads ensures that the right mix of keywords, targeting, and placements is employed, aligning seamlessly with the ads and creative content. This strategic approach is designed to generate positive ROI and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for your client’s Google Ads campaigns.

Maximize Efficiency with Our Google Ads Services

Empower your business with our Google Ads services, freeing up valuable time for relationship building and enhanced project management. By choosing our services, you’ll benefit from:

✅ Flat, Affordable, and Transparent Pricing
✅ Complimentary Google Ads Knowledge Sessions
✅ Niche-Specific Google Ads Strategy
✅ Free Audits and Reports for Accounts
✅ Unlimited Campaigns and Testing Options

Google Ads Services by Valkira: Additional Benefits

Benefit from a wealth of advantages with our fully managed Google Ads services, designed to help you scale your business. Our expert team provides you with comprehensive support, including:

✅ Customized Google Ads Reporting
✅ Growth-Oriented Strategy
✅ Flexible and Adaptable Services
✅ Team of Certified and Experienced Professionals
✅ Dedicated Account and Project Managers
✅ Prompt Response Times
✅ In-Depth Analysis and Strategic Reports
✅ Google Ads Account Setup and Gtags Integration
✅ Implementation of Google Analytics and Other Tracking Codes

Our services are like granting your agency a powerful boost to propel it to new heights. Let’s explore further how we can assist you with our expert Google Ads Management Services.

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Research and analytics

Data sharpens consumer and campaign insights.


Planning and Strategy

Strategic planning outlines paths to achieve goals.


Design and Develop

Crafting and building bring ideas to life.


Testing and Launch

Evaluating performance and initiating deployment.

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