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For bravo! and bravo! Kids, our task was to develop various solutions for visual communication to support their marketing activities. The client sought assistance in creating visuals that would adhere to the brand's standards while targeting the desired consumer groups - children and their parents on one hand, and the mainstream audience for bravo! on the other. This service required creativity and adaptability to highlight the brand and attract the target audience.

Our approach began with a thorough analysis of the target audience and their preferences. Understanding their needs and interests was crucial for developing effective visual solutions.

In collaboration with the client, we explored different styles and concepts that would appeal to children while still aligning with the brand. After defining guidelines and goals, we embarked on the process of developing creative ideas and concepts that would meet the client’s needs and those of the target audience.

How did we do it?

Through an iterative process, we created a series of different visual solutions, adhering to the brand’s standards and tailoring them to the target audience for both bravo! and bravo! Kids.

By combining colors, graphics, and design, we created visuals that were appealing yet clearly conveyed the brand’s messages. After thorough testing and evaluation, together with the client, we selected the most successful solutions to further develop and implement.

The final result was a series of visuals that effectively communicated the brand, attracted the target audience, and supported the marketing goals for both bravo! and bravo! Kids.







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Here we have highlighted selected works from a range of solutions we created for bravo! and bravo! Kids.