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Enter Zagreb
For the Enter Zagreb project, we had the challenge of creating a completely new visual identity from scratch. Our task was to develop everything, from the logo to the graphic standards, to create a recognizable brand for the new radio station. Through this service, we focused on a detailed analysis of the target audience to ensure that the new brand reflects their preferences and interests.
Enter Zagreb

We started by researching the market and analyzing the potential audience for Enter Zagreb. We delved deep into their musical preferences, lifestyles, and radio listening habits to get a clear picture of how to shape the new brand.

Next, in collaboration with the client, we developed a branding strategy that reflected the station’s mission, vision, and values.

How we did it?

We began creating the visual identity by developing a logo that would be a key element of brand recognition. Through a series of iterations and conceptualizations, we designed a logo that was unique, modern, and appealing to the target audience.

Then, we developed graphic standards that defined how the logo would be used on various marketing materials and platforms. We carefully crafted a color palette, typography, and other visual elements to ensure consistency and brand recognition for Enter Zagreb. The final result was a completely new brand that successfully attracted the target audience and achieved its marketing goals.






Enter Zagreb

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