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Finta Pumpkin Seed Oil
For OPG Finta, we created a visual identity for their pumpkin seed oil that stands out in the market. By studying the competition of pumpkin seed oil, we developed a visual solution that emphasizes the authenticity of the product and its superior quality. Our goal was to create a recognizable brand that would attract consumers with its uniqueness and reliability.
Finta Pumpkin Seed Oil

In the initial phase of the project, we thoroughly researched existing brands of pumpkin seed oil in the market to better understand their strategies and aesthetic approaches.

We analyzed their designs, messages, and market presence to identify opportunities for differentiation and value creation. After that, we developed a strategy that highlighted the unique characteristics of OPG Finta and their product.

How did we do it?

Through the creative process, we created a visual identity that was simple yet attractive and elegant. We chose colors, fonts, and graphics that reflected the natural beauty of pumpkin seed oil and emphasized its high quality. We carefully crafted the logo and product packaging to create a consistent and recognizable look that would attract consumers at first glance.

The implementation of the visual identity involved applying the design to various media, including labels, packaging, website, and marketing materials. We also provided guidance and support to OPG Finta to ensure consistent implementation of the visual identity across all communication channels. Through our service, OPG Finta successfully created a recognizable brand of pumpkin seed oil that stands out in the market and attracts attention with its quality and authenticity.




Visual Identity


OPG Finta

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Here you can see selected visuals of products and packaging from OPG Finta and their pumpkin seed oil.