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For Serengeti, we created a completely new visual identity for their in-house brand, Fiyu. The client expressed a desire to establish their own brand for their product, and we took on the task of developing a comprehensive visual identity that would reflect their values and objectives. Our service encompassed all steps in creating the identity, from designing the logo to defining graphic standards.
  • Through this project, we first conducted detailed consultations with the client to fully understand their vision for the Fiyu brand.
  • We discussed goals, target audience, aesthetic preferences, and competition. Based on this information, we developed a strategy that defined the key elements of the visual identity and guidelines for their application.

How did we do it?

After receiving approval for the strategy, we proceeded to create a logo that would be the core of the Fiyu brand. Through an iterative design process, we developed several logo concepts and presented them to the client for feedback. After selecting the final design, we continued to define graphic elements such as colors, typography, and stylization to create a consistent and recognizable look.

The final result was a completely new visual identity for the Fiyu brand that reflected its unique personality and appealed to the target audience. Through our comprehensive visual identity service, we enabled Serengeti to realize their vision for Fiyu and achieve success in the market.




Visual Identity



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Here you can see selected promotional and corporate materials for the in-house brand Fiyu of the client Serengeti.