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dm green city
For the dm Green City project, dedicated to Earth Day, we developed a complete visual identity and created all visual communications for the project. Our goal was to create an attractive and informative visual identity that would promote sustainability and environmental awareness while emphasizing the importance of the dm Green City initiative.
dm green city

In the first phase of the project, we conducted detailed research on sustainability and environmental protection topics to better understand the goals and messages we wanted to convey through the visual identity.

Then we developed a strategy that emphasized the importance of environmental conservation and encouraged people to take action. Through the creative process, we created visual elements that were appealing and clearly communicated messages of sustainability.

How did we do it?

The implementation of the visual identity involved creating various materials, including posters, flyers, digital ads, and social media posts. We carefully selected colors, fonts, and graphics to create a consistent look that would be recognizable and effective in communication. We also collaborated with the dm Green City team to ensure that the visual identity reflected their values and goals.

Through our support in creating visual communications for the dm Green City project, we enabled the promotion of sustainability and environmental awareness on Earth Day. Our visual identity was a key element in attracting public attention and encouraging active participation in environmental conservation initiatives.


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Here we have prepared selected visuals related to the dm Green City project over several consecutive years.