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Metronet telekom (A1)
For Metronet Telecom, we developed an outdoor campaign aimed at business users of telecom services. Our task was to create a series of visual solutions for outdoor billboards that would capture attention and connect Metronet Telecom with business customers. Throughout this campaign, our goal was to achieve clear and effective communication emphasizing the benefits and values of telecom services offered by Metronet to business clients.
Metronet telekom (A1)

At the beginning of the project, we carefully analyzed the target audience and their specific needs and preferences. Understanding the needs of business users of telecom services was crucial for developing effective visual solutions. We then crafted a campaign strategy that involved selecting key messages and design elements that would resonate best with the target audience.

During the design development phase, we created a series of creative concepts that were both appealing and informative. We chose elements that highlighted the reliability, speed, and efficiency of Metronet Telecom services, integrating them into visuals that were visible and attractive on outdoor billboards. Through an iterative process, we fine-tuned the design to achieve optimal appeal and message clarity.

How did we do it?

The implementation of the campaign included placing visuals at strategically chosen locations with high foot traffic of business users. We also utilized various sizes and formats of billboards to maximize visibility and campaign impact. Through continuous monitoring of the campaign’s performance, we were able to adjust our strategies and ensure optimal results.

The final outcome of the outdoor campaign for Metronet Telecom was successful in bringing telecom services closer to business users and increasing brand awareness among them. Through our series of visual solutions for outdoor billboards, we enabled Metronet Telecom to stand out in the market and attract new business customers to its services.


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Metronet (A1)