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narodni billboard
For the billboard campaign of narodni!, we were tasked with creating a visual identity on billboards that reflected the essence of the brand. Our goal was to create attractive and recognizable designs that would both adhere to the brand's graphic standards and appeal to the target audience. Through this project, we focused on a creative approach that would satisfy aesthetic requirements and marketing goals simultaneously.
narodni billboard

Using the fundamental elements of the brand and the guidelines of the graphic standards, we developed a series of visuals that were consistent with the brand yet appealing to potential customers.

We opted for a clear and recognizable font that aligned with the brand’s tone of communication, integrating key visual elements of the brand in a striking and easily noticeable manner.

Considering the target group, we utilized colors and graphics that captured attention and encouraged action.

How we did it?

To achieve the desired effect, we carefully planned the layout of elements on the billboards, considering readability and aesthetics. Each design was meticulously tested and adjusted to achieve optimal visibility and brand recognition. After finalizing the designs, we collaborated with partners for the production and placement of billboards in strategically important locations, ensuring maximum reach to the target audience.


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