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gardens hortus
For Gardens Hortus, we developed a comprehensive visual identity and promotional campaigns that emphasized the client's services. Our goal was to leverage the power of the green brand across all advertising locations to communicate the garden maintenance service to the target audience. Through this service, we aimed to highlight the importance of sustainable living and the love for nature promoted by Gardens Hortus.
gardens hortus

We first conducted a detailed market analysis to better understand the needs and interests of the target audience for garden maintenance. Subsequently, we developed a strategy that emphasized environmental awareness and the aesthetic of the Gardens Hortus brand, while also highlighting the practical benefits of their services. Through careful selection of design elements and key messages, we created campaigns that inspired and informed consumers.

In the design creation phase, we focused on creating visuals that reflected natural beauty and harmony while also being clear and recognizable in advertising locations. We integrated green brand elements into the design to emphasize the sustainability and environmental responsibility of Gardens Hortus. Through testing and iterations, we ensured that the design was attractive and effective in communicating with the target audiences.

How did we do it?

The campaign implementation involved placing visuals at key advertising locations, such as street posters, billboards, and digital ads. We also used social media and other online platforms to expand the campaign’s reach and engage the audience. Through campaign performance analysis, we continuously adjusted our strategies to achieve optimal results.

The final result was a successful promotion of Gardens Hortus services and strengthening their position as leaders in garden maintenance. Through our promotional campaigns and visual identity, we enabled Gardens Hortus to stand out in the market and attract new clients who value sustainability and the beauty of nature.


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